The Odessa Organization was an organization founded during World War II by the Nazis and for the Nazis. The Odessa Organization is also the second protagonist faction in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Special Ops.


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Special Ops, the Odessa Organization aided Captain Kyle "Virus" Pierson and Captain Michael "Scorch" Williams in escaping from Jonathan Peterson's Task Force and the Navy SEALs. The Odessa Organization is only seen once the mission "Odessa", a mission that is just one long cutscene. The cutscene depicts Pierson and Williams walking through the Odessa Headquarters to speak to the commander of the Odessa Organization, Freidrich Mengle. Mengle agrees to loaning the two Special Ops soldiers a transport to Johannesburg.


The Odessa Organization is comprised of neo-Nazis and surviving Nazi soldiers, officers, and scientists that escaped persecution during World War II. After the third leader of the Odessa Organization mysteriously dissapeared while on a mission to Israel, Freidrich Mengle stepped forward to take his place.


  • While approaching the Odessa Headquarters in "Odessa", Williams says "I can't believe we're dealing with these Nazi scum."
  • The Odessa Organization is an enemy of the Illuminati, shown by documents that can seen hanging up on the wall of the Odessa Headquarters.